GIOVANNI PAOLO AUTRAN is an Emmy-winning filmmaker and cinematographer. He is a partner and Director of Photography at Good Look, the Brooklyn-based creative studio he co-founded in 2013. An original member of the film collective PERIODS, Giovanni has served as DP for the majority of the group’s body of work, including the features Breakup at a Wedding and Periods (a feature-length compilation of the group’s shorts), both of which were directed by Victor Quinaz and released by Oscilloscope Labs. Giovanni was DP on two pilot presentations for writer Damian Lanigan: Hamsters (IFC Out of the Box Award, 2012 New York TV Festival) and Sharing, which was picked up Jimmy Fallon and later sold to NBC. As a documentary director, Giovanni’s film Voyage of the Vezo, about coral reef fishing on the remote southwest coast of Madagascar, filmed entirely on location, won an Emmy in 2010. He graduated from the film program at Emerson College in 2004, where he minored in natural sciences. Giovanni was raised in Glen Cove, New York, in a South American home, and is fluent in Spanish and French.

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